What’s down in the dark, photo by Sofia-Karla A.

“You wired me awake…

…Too cold to start a fire
I’m burning diesel burning bones ”



photo by Sofia-Karla A.

Photography & styling: Sofia-Karla A

Fur hat & fur coat: Malungs skinn

model: Per


For a ghost you bleed just fine, by Sofia-Karla A.

For a ghost you bleed just fine

Exhibition coming up in Stockholm, march 2014.

photo, illustraton & styling by Sofia-Karla A.

“His soft trailing fingers would continue to attempt a connection that I refused to allow; that I couldn’t allow if I wanted to survive.”

“i sometimes felt as if these marks on my body were a kind of code, which blossomed, then faded, like invisible ink held to a candle. But if they were a code, who held the key to it? I was sand, I was snow—written on, rewritten, smoothed over.”